Hudson Valley Hops (HVH) is the premier partner for Brewers and Farmers in the Hudson Valley. Focusing on sustainable agriculture and locally grown products, HVH is committed to market-ready standards in delivering high quality hops to brewers in NYS. After years in the industry, HVH understands the quality needed to satisfy its clients and so handles everything from farm builds, seasonal maintenance, and crop testing, to harvesting, processing and distribution. This comprehensive approach ensures long term partnerships and the capacity for uniform standards to be consistently met.

By helping additional hop farms come online, our consultative services have helped both new and old Farmers conserve the agricultural land in the Hudson Valley, while at the same time creating jobs and increasing a much needed supply of local hops for our Brewers.

Agritourism is another one of HVH’s mission. By partnering with organizations and learning institutions, HVH also increases the capacity of the NYS craft beverage industry – providing additional revenues to local businesses while educating a growing market about their purchasing power. Similarly, by hosting events, seminars and establishing programs that further educate and offer the public a better understanding of the sustainable agriculture policies we all share.

Cheers to everyone involved in this great community.