Investing in Community

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The Hudson Valley is the Napa Valley of the East Coast. Graced with beautiful mountain ranges and a river that runs through it, the Hudson Valley has become an agri-tourism destination. Some of America’s oldest villages, towns and even cities offer local flavors of food, craft beverages, farms and scenic vistas for everybody to enjoy.

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Services Include:


  • Co-Sponsored Festivals:
    • Hoptember
    • Farm to Campfire
  • Conferences and Panels
    • Food + Enterprise
  • Industry Meetings & Stakeholder Focus Groups
    • Sector-Wide trade professionals
  • Corporate Retreats & Programs

Education and Career Development:

  • Farming Classes
  • Craft Beverage Classes
    • Learn how to brew / distill, make cider / wine
  • Certification Programs
  • Internships
  • Seasonal Jobs
  • Job Placement


  • Lobbying Public Sector partners about industry goals
  • Building Public-Private partnerships for sustainable agribusiness in the Hudson Valley


  • Tours of Local Breweries, Distilleries, Cideries & Hop Farms
  • HVH hosts a variety of craft beer events, see us at your local Fair or come to one of our annual events
  • Agri-tourism destinations – visit our partners (perhaps a hop or grains farm) and stay the night. We can coordinate the entire production
  • Follow our craft beverage map and purchase our passport to take advantage of some great discounts
  • Dinners / Picnics